🇬🇧 Ratan – a harbour that offers history and wonderful walkabouts
Ratan holds exciting memories from the times of sea trade, warfare and
shipping, discover them by strolling on both sides of the protected harbour and at the
cliffs facing the open sea. In 2009 the royal family visited the village to celebrate
200 years of peace. In the idyllic village you find a summer restaurant, an
exhibition, a craft shop, a handmade soap factory and facilities for boat and camping tourists.
Warmly welcome!

A map of Ratan and some pictures of turist attractions.
Letters before headlines – check letters in the map.


There is a camping site 1 km north of the village. The marina and Quick Stop are in the centre of the village. All guests at the camping, Quick stop and marina can use the facilities provided in the marina. 

We have self service. Pay cash (or the Swedish system Swish) Fill in your information on the envelopeTel. Host– Camping/Marina/Quickstop: 072-727 21 86 (Intl +46-72-727 21 86)

A – Campsite

Small lawn camping with WC, cold water, basic facilities for dishes, fireplace w firewood and garbage bins. No electricity. Emptying latrines; in the harbour.

D – Guest marina

The North pier is reserved for appr 30 visiting boats. 

Fuel: Diesel available in pump. Petrol  95 octan available: 2 cans of 20 litres at a time. 

For information, please call Marina Host  072 – 727 21 86

F –  Quick Stop

Behind Hamnmagasinet, space for 6 mobile homes. Electricity and service house included.  Maximum stay is one night..

F  – Service at the marina

Hamnmagasinet has facilities for guests from Quick stop, marina and camping. Service building is open 24 hrs May- September. Kitchen, WC, showers and washing machine. Bicycles and rowing boats for rent. Self service. Emptying latrines by the pathway to the marina. Fresh water, fireplace with firewood and garbage bins.


Guided tours in Ratan

Book a guided tour at Ratan to learn more about the village history and present. TullgÄrden will help you to book a local guide. Booking: TullgÄrden restaurant, +46 934-311 32

Historical places and trails

Ratan : In and outside the village there are many information boards about the sights of Ratan. The biggest ones are in the marina and outside the restaurant TullgÄrden.

C – Kulturum

At the top floor of TullgÄrden you find a gallery and an exhibition about the history of Ratan.


B – Ratan The Storsand beach. Sandy beach and cliffs. Dressing rooms, dry closet, fireplace and tables/benches.

DjĂ€kneboda (4 km); A nice little lake with a sandy beach and a children’s playground.

C – Traditional home bakery In this region we have a strong tradition of baking our own “thinbread” in community owned baking huts, where the oven is heated with wood. The baking hut can be rented for own use. Contact: Lars-Gunnar Englund, tel. 0934-31290, 070-5331295.

F – Hantverk i Ratan

A cosy crafts shop at Hamnmagasinet where  local artists/crafters sell their work. Textiles, handmade soap, artisan knives, herbs from nature, forged iron, paper art, traditional woven mats and other textiles

www.hantverkiratan.se     Also on Facebook and Instagram

R – Malin i Ratan, Eco shop – hair, body, home Address Ratan 1. Soapcrafter.  

See  www.maliniratan.se – also Facebook and Instagram


C TullgÄrden Ratan, summer restaurant and café

See detailed opening hours at www.tullgarden.com   or call 0934-311 32

BygdeÄ has ICA grocery store, Frasses hamburger bar, Trafikanten restaurant, petrol

station, kiosk and motel.


C, F – Rowing boat

Three small rowing boats for rent, to visit the island RataskÀr, a nature reserve.

 Pay Cash. Self service.

How to rent a boat: See notes at the service building of the marina. 

F – Bicycles

There are bicycles for rent in Hamnmagasinet.  Self service: pay in a box.

D Boat Launching Ramp

Directly south of the northern pier. The ramp is 4.5 m wide, covered with thick gravel and has a 6 degree angel at average water level. Free of charge. 

Taxi, bus. Ferry to Holmön island

Taxi: +46-934-10580

Bus number 12 or 17 to UmeĂ„ or SkellefteĂ„ from the bus stop by the road E4 in DjĂ€kneboda (6 km from Ratan) or in BygdeĂ„. 

Contact: +46771-100 110, Time tables and Mobile app at www.tabussen.nu